Monday, 20 April 2009

Talkin' bout my animatiiiiiiiiiiiionnnnnnnn

So, i've finished animating now :)

...ahem, just got all the bloomin' edit to do...i'll trn n post up editing processes an that, but form some reason, things on here take donkeys to load up...

Here's afew images from the last few shots of the set...and the close-up set i had to quickly do...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Holey Bible

So, this week i've animated about 4 shots then i've spent the past 2days on developing dougie's hole, using the same methods and process as the previous holes...This is the final stage as far as the set is concerned, tis soley ANIMATION wont be posting for abit again...

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Goal Posts

As i am still animating (hope to finish in...9days) there wont be much posting going on as its essential to me to just knuckle down and wack out the last minute or so of my film so i can concentrate then on getting the editing bang on to really make the film come together.

Just to initiate the work i'm doing...weekdays all day, im in uni with my set animating.
Weekends, getting pissed...haha, weekends i try and do editing and, well, re-mending DOUGIE, he keeps hacing minor hick-ups which takes hours to resolve, i.e his hands breaking, therefore new hands have to be made, and his joints come too lose, ie have to keep re-glueing them ball and socket joints with thread-lock which is annoying, so...yeh.
Will post up once i've finished animating (or unless somet interestin' happens)with updates on how the look of the film is coming together...

Over and out

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Trenchtown Rock

Ayo!This feels odd, have been gettin carried away with animating so havent really been able to post nout up. So when i've hit the stage of my film where im at, it seems like the perfect chance.

Dougie is now further into his hole, now the trench, and so this week i've been adding the final touches to it before i start animating again.

So, i ripped off the old lid, 'doug' out all the foam (which may i add was an absolute pickle, for some reason parts of it were still STICKY, leaving me with nice stains on me hands which wont go away for about a week), ploppped the new lid on, added the plastercene and went over it all with my fingers covered in paint to keep the wet mud look.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Put a lid on it!

Also this week, i've made these two lids to avert your eyes from seeing the big 'hole' which'll be revealed at the end.
I used the original lid as a template, the jig-saw puzzeled the bastards and bobs your uncle. Simple....cough, i think not. I also had to plaster the surfaces again to get the same effect as before, then i have painted them both, so they look like nothing has changed, which is pleasing. Ah before i forget, the lids-1. smaller cut out for the smaller hole, and 2.-longer, trench cut out for when the hole gets bigger and turns into a trench.
Also, i forgot to mention in the last post about what i've used to fill the hole in and create the effect. After takin advice off many a'folk, i decided TIM ALLEN's idea of using EXPANDING FOAM was best to fill up the walls of the hole as well, you can easily paint over it, scrape it off if necessary and easy to add plastercene over it.